Quane Cosmetics Organic Jojoba Oil for Smooth Skin , Cold Pressed & Hexane Free 8 oz




Dry, unmanageable hair and rough skin a problem? Quane Cosmetics Organic Jojoba Oil is the solution. Harsh weather, hair treatments and hairdryers can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Tackle the damage naturally with our 100% pure organic and unrefined Jojoba Oil. This popular oil has the distinction of being the only oil that closely resembles sebum; an oily substance produced by the glands in our skin. As a result, it is easily absorbed by the skin and acts as a natural skin conditioner. When applied regularly it is able to restore, smooth and hydrate. This oil may be used on all skin and hair types. Healthier, manageable hair and soft, silky skin is within your reach, order your bottle of Quane Cosmetics Organic Jojoba Oil today!


  • Moisturizes Skin - Jojoba Oil is a natural emollient and the only oil that closely resembles sebum (an oily substance naturally produced by the oil glands) making it great for penetrating and nourishing skin. It leaves skin soft and beautifully smooth.
  • Fights Wrinkles - Due to its high vitamin E content it is effective in combating free radicals responsible for causing damage to skin. Jojoba Oil's powerful antioxidants aid in reducing fine lines while helping to regenerate new skin cells.
  • Conditions Lips - Jojoba Oil is a natural option for restoring moisture to dry lips, leaving it soft and smooth with added shine.
  • Hair Growth - Overproduction of sebum may result in thinning and hair loss due to blocked hair follicles. Jojoba Oil has the ability to clear theses follicles, while promoting the development of new hair cells. 
  • Removes Make-up - Jojoba Oil may be utilized as a natural option for removing mascara, liquid liners, foundation, eye shadow and powders. Just place a few drops on a cotton ball and apply to desired area.
  • Conditions Hair - Jojoba Oil moisturizes and hydrates hair, this results in protection against damage and dull appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil. Nothing else added.

Quane Cosmetics Organic Jojoba Oil is Non-GMO and free of hexane, fragrance and chemicals.This product comes in a BPA-Free plastic amber bottle that protects it from sun and heat, as a result maintaining freshness to achieve maximum shelf life. The convenient disc top cap allows for ease of opening/closing and controlled dispensing of oil.

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