Quane Cosmetics Dispense Bottles 4 oz with FREE Labels (2 Pack)



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Blend your favorite Quane Cosmetics Organic Oils together in this handy bottle and use it to apply the mix to your face, hair, scalp or body. Looking to regrow your hair or combat itchy, dry scalp? Give your deep conditioner a boost; include a teaspoon or two of our organic Castor Oil (use for hair growth) or Neem Oil (use for itchy, dry scalp) in your favorite deep conditioner, mix them together then use Quane Cosmetics Dispense Bottle to accurately and easily apply the mixture. Our dispense bottles comes with 2 additional free labels, so that you can easily keep track of all your creations. The possibilities are endless! What will be your DIY mix for beautiful, healthy hair and skin?


  • LDPE plastic bottle (BPA Free) with black/natural twist top cap that allows for easy dispensing of products.
  • 4 FREE weatherproof, modifiable labels
  • Easy to control the amount of product that comes out.
  • Perfect for storing health/beauty products and liquids of all sorts.
  • Convenient twist cap makes dispensing your products a breeze. Closes securely to keep your contents intact.
  • NO leakage, so you can carry these bottles in bags, backpacks, travel carry-ons, purses and even pockets.
  • Translucent for easy visibility of contents. Designed to easily squeeze contents out, while providing secure storage.
  • Multi-purpose


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