How can I achieve youthful and radiant skin with Organic Moroccan Argan Oil?

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Argan oil originates from the fruit of the argan tree, which is located in Morocco. This uncommon oil is traditionally produced by hand and is known to have various valuable properties relating to skin care. 
Argan oil is a natural antioxidant which destroys free radicals and ensures the protection of delicate tissues of the face and body. The oil is loaded with nutrients and essential fatty acids e.g. linoleic acid. This oil has been used for quite a long time in the skin care and cosmetic industry. 
Moroccan Argan Oil can be cold pressed by hand or by machine. It is preferable when pressed by machines because there are lower argan kernel wastes and the Moroccan argan oil produced is purer. But when pressed by hand, it is blended with local, non-purified water. Water is essential when squeezed by hand because it stimulates the oil to discharge from the argan nuts 

1. Nature's Moisturizer 
The human skin produces “sebum” (natural oils) which secures moisture and gives your skin a healthy youthful glow. However, UV damage, impurities, stress, and pollution can render sebum production impotent. This may result in dry, flaky skin! 
Argan Oil restores back to your skin all the oils it is missing or lacking. It serves as an ultra-moisturizing oil that enters into the deepest layers of the skin rapidly to impart a natural glow and healthy nourishment. It reduces signs of aging and optimizes skin health by rejuvenating skin cells. 

2. Healing And Cell Regeneration 
Argan Oil fights skin diseases such as eczema, age spots, stretch marks, scars, and psoriasis. It also helps with cell regeneration. So many women have applied and massaged their skin with this oil and have seen astounding visible improvements in skin coloration and texture. 

3. Protection Against Sun Damage
Argan Oil is loaded with antioxidants that shield the skin from sunlight exposure and the resulting free-radical damage. Cell membranes are protected from losing moisture caused by sun exposure. It also helps the cells to retain their health. 

1. Face
It is a sublime moisturizer for the skin. It's organic, natural and therefore free from parabens and preservatives that have been connected to increased risk of breast cancer. It feels light and absorbs in a split second into the skin without leaving an oily deposit. 
When used on the face as a facial moisturizer, it can:
a. Improve complexion.
b. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
c. Treat acne.
d. Remove dry patches.
e. Reduce redness.
f. Protect your skin from sunlight damage.
It can also work as an evening serum; the skin will be left dewy and shiny. 

2. Nails 
It is a superb treatment for enhancing nail growth and for softening and moisturizing cuticles. 

3. Body 
Use it all over your body as a body moisturizer. It may likewise help with stretch marks and scarring, treat cracked skin on elbows, knees, and heels. The options with this great oil are endless. You can also add two or three drops to your bath as an awesome bath oil.

4. Hair 
The oil could be utilized as a pre-shampoo or an overnight treatment. Massage it into your hair and scalp as a conditioner for shiny locks. Adding a few drops on wet hair will hydrate, add sparkle and nourish dry damaged hair. It can also be used on dry hair for styling, adding shine and taming frizz.

Argan oil is one of the easiest and effective natural ways to transform your skin from dry and dull to radiant and dewy. It makes your skin not only look great,  but at the same time makes it feel nurtured and healthy from the inside! 
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